David Blutenthal, Snapwave

David Blutenthal Snapwave

Title: CEO

City: I am from Chicago, IL and I moved to Nashville about 6 months before Project Music started. 

What does your company do?

Powered by content from Instagram and the major music streaming services, Snapwave is a digital playground where photographers and music fans combine images and songs to be experienced together in immersive ways. 

Why did you apply to Project Music?

Being new to Nashville and being somebody who has been running this music-tech startup for a few years now, this seemed like a wonderful opportunity to bring our 2.0 version to the market and to better interconnect with Nashville's community- both the music-tech community and the traditional music industry at the same time. I've always been someone who's big into relationship building and all around, this just seemed like a big win. 

Favorite genre of music:

I have a hard time with genre because now there's like 1,500 genres that sub-divide. I'll say based in rock. I like things that are guitar driven- especially electric guitar driven- and that have a sense of improvisation to them where it's maybe not the same every time and people kind of get on stage and things flow out of them. So I love jazz but I also like rock and psychedelic rock that sort of flows from that same ethos.

Bands I like? My Morning Jacket. I'm a big Phish and Grateful Dead fan from back in the day. Wilco. There's an awesome band called White Denim that's sort of this great hybrid between an indie rock band and a psychedelic rock kind of thing. 

Hobbies outside of running a startup:

I love snowboarding. I used to live in Colorado so being in the Midwest or the South, I miss the mountains. In general, nature is a reset button for me. Lately it hasn't been much else besides running a startup. Meditation has been something new. Just finding ways to find more presence in the down time, not feeling the need to always be doing something or always needing to react to something. I think to some degree we live in a very reactive world now and it's about choosing lifestyles where I can make proactive choices and that feels good to me. 

A few words that come to mind to describe your experience at the EC:

Definitely community driven. I started working here in the coworking space before applying to Project Music because I was new to Nashville. I met so many other entrepreneurs who are doing the same thing and just building their ideas in different things and seeking truth. I like being around people who are seeking truth and creating value. I made a lot of relationships out of being here, being in the cafe, having a sandwich at lunch and just sitting down to talk to somebody. That's been a really great part of being here. Now, I feel like I'm a part of the EC community and I have this subsection of Project Music's community on top of that. That's been really wonderful. 

Best part about Nashville:

The thing I like most about Nashville is how creative people are across industries and that people are so open to meeting each other and learning what kind of work each other do and seeing if there's a way that they can help each other. It doesn't feel like people are stepping on each other's shoulders to get to the top. It's saying, "oh, my friend is an executive at this record label. You two should have coffee." That stuff didn't happen where I used to live. You had to earn those kind of meetings. 

What does music mean to you?

Music signifies culture, freedom of expression. For me, it allows me to find a sense of center, a sense of balance. I tend to be a little all over the place and music is the thing that brings my compass back to zero. If I've had a stressful day, what I choose to put on in the car on my way home- I will walk into the house in a good mood because of that. Any other kind of circumstance, I sort of use it as a guide like that. It's a regulator and it's a great way to sort of come back to home base.