Erik Mendelson, RecordGram

Erik Mendelson RecordGram

Title: CEO

City: I'm originally from New York, currently living in Miami.

What does your company do?

RecordGram is a mobile music and video recording studio that allows for instant song collaboration between aspiring artists and award-winning producers for under $5. 

Why did you apply to Project Music? 

I applied to Project Music because music is taken seriously in Nashville. I feel like music technology is not given the proper credit in the investment space. I felt like here, we would be surrounded by the right people and the right culture. 

Favorite genre of music: 

Reggae. It's the people's music and knows no limitations. It speaks to me. I like the beats and I like the Caribbean people. 

Hobbies outside of running a startup:

I'm actually a licensed real estate agent in Florida, so I love real estate. I'm also an avid runner. And I also love sports. I got my degree in journalism with a focus on sports journalism, so I'm a sports fanatic. New York Giants all day. And I'm a father of a five year old son which has totally changed my life.

A few words that come to mind to describe your experience at the EC:

An accelerated MBA without the fluff. All the BS is cut out and you get straight to the point. I love learning and I have learned a lot. 

Best part about Nashville:

Honestly, the music community. It's like nowhere else on the planet. There's not a lot of places in America you can go where the economic engine of the city and the heartbeat of the city is music. There's a little bit of it in Austin, a little bit of it in New York and Miami and LA but this is the Music City. Even though country is not necessarily my genre of music, I love people that just love music. I don't care what they listen to. 

Music is _____:

My world. I'm a music executive- I've been doing music my entire life. Every college paper I ever wrote was focused on music. I interned for music companies. When I graduated college I worked for a record label. I've gotten artists signed to labels. Music is everything. Without music, I probably wouldn't be here, and that's not to sound contrived. It's the truth.