Kelly Corcoran, Intersection

Kelly Corcoran Intersection

Title: CEO

City: I'm originally from Massachusetts, but Intersection is based here in Nashville and I have been here for 10 years. 

What does your company do?

Intersection is a non-profit collective of musicians dedicated to enriching lives through the performance and education of contemporary classical music. 

Why did you apply to Project Music?

Intersection is all about thinking outside the box, breaking boundaries, and really being a progressive organization for the future. I felt that through working here in Project Music as part of the EC, we would be exposed to a lot of new ideas, new ways of thinking, and really learn about how we can be sustainable and make an impact in the future. 

Favorite genre of music: Classical of course!

Hobbies outside of running a startup:

Outside of Intersection, I am a runner and I have run 4 marathons- although I have not had a lot of time to run these days working here at the EC. I also have a five year old little girl and so one of my favorite things to do is just to play with her. And our dog- we have a Shetland Sheep dog named Karma. 

First 3 words that come to mind to describe your experience at the EC so far:

Rigorous, inspiring, community-building

Best part about Nashville:

As a musician, you think I would say I love Nashville because we're music city and all that, but I really love the fact that the brand of Nashville is collaboration. For people who come here, it might take them a little to recognize that really this idea of collaboration is so key and so central to Nashville. I think that when you're a musician or an artist working with other artists to make music, it's the core part of what we do. So to live in a city where it's all about coming together to make something that's bigger and better and more impactful is pretty awesome. 

Music is _____:

Music for me is my life. It is everything to me. I think that the reason I get so drawn to music as a profession is that to me, it's a way that we can process our world. It's a way we can understand our place in the world- we can maybe understand what came before, what's coming after. Emotions. Sadness. Loss. Joy. All the things that we maybe can't put into words, we can communicate through music.