Steve Morell, NiceChart

Steve Morell NiceChart

Title: CEO

City: Originally from Boston, but I'm coming from San Diego. 

What does your company do?

NiceChart is a patented, customizable sheet music solution that adjusts to a user's selected instrument, proficiency level, and display preferences. 

Why did you apply to Project Music? 

There is literally nothing else like it that has the ability to establish the connections you need in the music industry along with all the other benefits that any other accelerator would have- polishing up your business plan and putting you on the right track to receive funding. 

Favorite genre of music:

Definitely funk. Funk and R&B, especially the 70's. I feel cheated that I wasn't 25 years old in 1972.

3 words that describe yourself:

Motivated, handsome (obviously), and relentless

Hobbies outside of running a startup:

That doesn't exist.

First 3 words that come to mind to describe your experience at the EC:

Heather. Mc. Bee.

Best part about Nashville:

Definitely the people. Having lived on the East Coast and the West Coast, seeing genuinely friendly people everywhere is really wonderful. I feel very welcome in this city and and I sense all the pride that people have from being in Nashville and I really appreciate it. 

What does music mean to you?

I'm a musician at heart and all this is dedicated to helping musicians and music educators. We're all in the music tech business- which can sometimes turn to 1s and 0s- but if it doesn't tie back to something warm and fuzzy about music, then it's a big waste of time.